Health Benefits of Matcha

When brewing most other types of tea, loose tea leaves or teabags are steeped in water before they are thrown away. Matcha is prepared by whisking the matcha powder into water, so that all of its health promoting nutrients are ingested when drunk and nothing is left to be thrown away. This also means that non-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A and E and beta-carotene, that would normally be discarded in the standard steeping process, are also consumed, further enhancing the wellness potential of matcha
There are a wide variety of studies attesting to the various benefits of matcha, and from them we have selected five key health benefits matcha has to offer for a healthier and more balanced way of life

Matcha Boosts the Immune System

Matcha Promotes Healthy Weight

Matcha Improves the Heart

Matcha Can Reduce Stress

Matcha Rejuvenates the Skin